Friday, September 15, 2006


The day before a vacation (yes, another one)...

...things always get a little out of hand, as the hours fly by and I realize I've still got way too much to do before I get out of here. I've been ridiculously busy at the shop - selling books left and right - and am packing up my painting supplies, in between helping customers and talking with friends. So I'll keep this post short. Still daydreaming of that Ideal Library, and I think I'd have to add the complete works of P.G. Wodehouse, a writer I've read very little of, but whenever I do, I always want more. I could read one of his novels per month for the next several years. It's so good to laugh, there's enough dour literature in the world. Another addition: how did I forget a complete set of the Loeb Classics? I could alternate between Wodehouse and the ancients, and learn pretty much everything there is to know about human nature. I do need a new winter reading plan, hmmm... Have a great week next week, dear readers. I'll be back in the shop on Monday the 25th. Until then -

Trollope would go down a treat in the long Maine winter!
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