Thursday, September 07, 2006


Don't judge this book by its cover

My favorite book title of the day. It's Edible: My Maine Recipes by Kathleen Olsen LaCombe (self-published, no date):

This is actually the cookbook of a small-town lunch counter, so while one recipe calls for half a pound of shredded american cheese and a can of mushrooms, and another recipe is for something called a pineapple cheese ball (mercy), the chowders, desserts, and blueberry-theme items do look truly great. I've got a copy of this at home already, in my kitchen, now I have another for the cookery shelf at the shop. Good stuff.

I just flipped through it again and spotted a recipe for tomato soup cake. A can of tomato soup is on the ingredient list. Along with nuts, raisins, a power of spices, flour, a CUP of sugar, a HALF CUP of butter, and various other odds and ends. What can it taste like? I'm not curious enough to find out.

My mother makes a pineapple cheese ball, and it's to die for! My family coined the term "culinary orgasm" listening to me eat Mom's cheese ball one New Year's Eve.

And the tomato soup cake? Also delicious. It tastes like a spice cake. You'd never know the soup was in there except that it's very moist.
Now I'm curious enough to find out! Thanks for setting the record straight, Katrina... all the more reason to keep a copy of this book handy. Who knew?
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