Saturday, September 30, 2006


This American Life

A quick note: I'm listening to Maine Public Radio this morning, and I hear a familiar voice floating out over the airwaves - and I think I know who that is, and indeed it is, Nick Hornby. I heard an ad - he will be reading a new short story on This American Life this weekend. In Maine, it's on Sunday evening at six. Check your local listings. He's got a wonderful speaking voice. Did I mention yet that the books that Ryan brought me back from Second Story Books in Washington, D.C. included a signed, boxed limited edition copy of Hornby's latest novel A Long Way Down? Good man, he knows what I like.

Oh, very exciting! Thanks for the heads up.

I loved Long Way Down
Signed copy of Nick Hornby's book,nice! A Long Way Down was pretty good but I think High Fidelity is still my favorite novel(and movie adaptation) of his.
"High Fidelity" really placed him right in the middle of the map of coolness, didn't it. Love the book and the film. But I love his recent novels too - his characters are always searching for meaning in life, via music and books and personal relationships, in what seems to me a very honest way, despite this fairly repulsive culture we all live in. They are all figuring out how to bear it. I find his books very hopeful.
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