Monday, October 30, 2006


Blogger's back

And I am, too. Please excuse the brief glitch over the weekend. My missing post has returned intact from the ether. I'll leave the other one as a reminder that communication isn't flawless in this technological age. Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in the movie Master and Commander, when Jack is examining a model of the reinforced hull of the enemy ship, and says something like, "What an advanced modern age we live in, to be sure." This circa 1810, and still true today.

Speaking of Master and Commander, I'm considering losing myself again in the series. It's been two years since I last read it and I've almost forgotten enough of it. There are so many books I wish I could read again for the first time, but this series particularly so - I'll never forget the intensity of the not-wanting-it-to-end. Such a sharp, almost painful, feeling, which underwent a brief swan song resurgence when the fragment of Patrick O'Brian's last manuscript was finally published (21, Norton 2004). Sometimes I listen to the movie soundtrack here at the shop, and inevitably someone asks "What is this??" I was at Best Buy the other night looking for a new cd player for the shop, because my ancient one needs to be hit with a hammer to make it work (how embarrassing), and I watched several guys standing in front of the Bose display with the sound turned up excruciatingly loud, and the trailer from Master and Commander was playing. They were transfixed. I was, too. So it's been on my mind again, the series. I don't know what I'm thinking, though - I've got tons of new books to read. With winter on the way, I guess I just want the comfort of the known.

I treated myself to a boxed set of the Patrick O'Brien A/M series(the hardcover editions that combine three or four of the books in one volume)awhile back but am sad to confess that I haven't even finished the first book:(

I did see the Master and Commander movie(even got a free copy of the soundtrack CD)-loved it so much! One of the few movies that feels like you're reading the books visually.
A lot of people can't make it through the first book - but stick with it, because the second book is O'Brian's homage to Jane Austen (his favorite author). It takes place mostly on land, and the main female characters of the series are introduced. Austen fan that I know you are, I think you'd like it.

I've got half hardcovers and half softcovers; I upgrade to hardcover as I find them.
I guess blogger isn't back completely, because again I find myself unable to post. I can still comment, however. Stay tuned.
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