Monday, May 14, 2007


Endpaper inscriptions

One more quick note, before I head home: I recently heard from the good folks at The Book Inscriptions Project. Now I'm on the lookout for better-than run-of-the-mill marginalia. You should be, too - this is cool.

Head home!!! Its only 1:30pm. Better
than bankers hours.
I'm glad you're feeling better. Golf is great when you can't stand anything else. Get well soon. Get better thoughts are coming from PA.
Wow, that's an amazing collection of inscriptions! I don't think I've ever found anything that interesting, although I do have a copy of a famous poet's book, with his great granddaughter's genealogy inside & information about the family. Came from a lady in a nursing home, whose family didn't want the volume, even though she thought it was important enough to take to the nursing home with her.

So I keep it in her memory.
Sparrow, unfortunately if I decide to close up shop early, or take a little time away for some reason (vacation, on my deathbed, whatever), it means NO INCOME. So, it's a trade-off. But I know when I feel really bad I've got to get horizontal quickly to get better, and I don't want to give the flu to my customers along with their change when they buy books. So, home early...

Hi Jodi, thanks! Golf is so soothing. To watch, that is. Not that I play. But if I did, I can imagine it could be a tiny bit frustrating.

Hey Kim - I know, I love this site. I've always found it amazing what people will write in the margins of their books. I wish you had seen John Adams's books at the Boston Public Library, though - I've never seen such marginalia, it was incredible. They gave me such a strong sense of the intensity of his thoughts.

I'll have to check some of my books at home to see if I can add anything good to their site - I've got a few possibilities in mind. I just have to find them. Oh dear.
Oh, I love inscriptions, and notations, even scribbles, like recipes, or lists. I will buy a book just for those. I know, I am so sick.
Now, now, don't be hard on yourself. No insults allowed. Books are (mostly) noble and downright terrific, and so are (most) booklovers.
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