Friday, August 10, 2007


Library sale season

This time of year friends-of-the-library sales are rampant around here. I closed up the shop two hours early yesterday to buy books at a good little local sale. The sale's only half an hour away and the books are so inexpensive - fifty cents for softcovers and a dollar for hardcovers - I bought two big tote bags' and three cartons' worth of books, and spent only forty-five bucks. Nothing tremendous, just decent shop stock and some good prospects for listing on Amazon, but Ryan did find me a nifty old bookseller's ticket from Canberra (affixed in an otherwise nondescript book) and a slim hardcover volume I obviously need to read entitled Book Collecting and the Search for Reality, written by Jack Matthews and published by the Library Associates of Wichita State University in 1972. I don't know, that title sure sounds like an oxymoron to me... There are two other library sales I could go to tomorrow, but I'm going to stay at the shop and hope to actually sell some books instead. Besides, I don't feel like I'm missing anything, because I know of three more sales next Saturday. It's book-hunting season - release the hounds!

Fun stuff those sales. It's picking up here just south of Montreal as well. Have a big one starting next Wed. evening. I'm fortunate being the only English dealer in this area, not much competition from experienced sellers.
We've got a tidy little bunch of die-hard dealers in this area. It's the same faces at every booksale - which is kinda nice - we can chat and catch up and even commiserate. And compete, I suppose, but really, there are usually enough books to go around. Have fun at your sale tomorrow!
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