Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Today I priced books, shelved books, SOLD books, refused to buy people's tatty books, successfully fended off the telephone, answered emails, stretched and gessoed fourteen smallish canvases for an upcoming painting trip, forgot to eat breakfast, remembered to eat lunch (supper is still in the offing), paid a few bills, wrote a page in my journal, chatted on the sidewalk, packed a book I sold on Amazon last night ($36!), listened to New Order, read half of the new issue of Firsts, and tied the laces of my dark brown Chuck Ts so tight that they never needed to be retied, all day long.

I even said no to the nice man who asked if he could leave with me the books he wanted to try to sell to the bookshop down the street, and, you guessed it, would I please take them over there later for him because he's tired of having them in his car (my neighbor's shop is closed today, reason unknown). I explained politely that I could grow tired of having them in a bag behind my desk for who knows how long, and besides, I really don't do that kind of thing. He took it well, I thought. He even bought a book.

A full day. What's left? A blog entry. And, oh yeah, the rest of the boxes at home. I think I'll go straight to sleep instead.

you rock, Sarah! (hope you werent setting yourself up for a relapse today)

No relapse... full steam ahead! Yesterday I did the second coat of gesso on the canvases, packed my art supplies for the coming week, priced and shelved more books (a futile attempt to clean off the big pile on my desk, and clean out the bigger pile behind my desk). Sold a few books, but it was slow, customer-wise. I'll admit to putting my feet up to read for an hour. Or two.
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