Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, it's still January

Zero this morning, sunny and zero. I have never been to the Caribbean, yet today I yearn for the Caribbean. Such is life. A few notes before I head out for a long weekend at home and a few visits with friends (who do not live in the Caribbean, unfortunately):

My distant cousin Tom DeWolf will be on BookTV (on C-Span2) this weekend; the program info is here. I haven't read his new book yet, but it's on my short list! Also, a reminder about, and all good wishes to, another distant cousin, Katrina Browne, whose documentary Traces of the Trade premieres at Sundance this coming Monday.

My post-Helprin reading void has been filled, by returning to Montaigne's Essays. I am determined to become engrossed once more, until I finish the thing. For no other reason than my own enjoyment and pleasure and self-education. I may write about it here, but I may not. After all, as Montaigne says (p.109):

"I aim here only at revealing myself, who will perhaps be different tomorrow, if I learn something new which changes me. I have no authority to be believed, nor do I want it, feeling myself too ill-instructed to instruct others."

Well, despite that sentiment, which I share, I'll be back next week with something to say - about books, I'm sure. Have a good weekend, and best of luck to the Patriots (knock on wood). Speaking of whom, I heard the sports news this morning, and let's hope Randy Moss is not a woman-beater. It's bad enough that there are any woman-beaters out there at all, but to have one on your very own outrageously successful winning team is NOT ACCEPTABLE. So I really hope he's not. Anyway. Go Pats.

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