Thursday, June 05, 2008


Long time no post

Ok, this blog has completely degenerated into cute animal pictures. Here's another one:

This darling baby seal was found abandoned on a beach downeast by some old friends of the family, who just sent along this great photo. She was rescued and is growing up in a nearby aquarium/research lab. They think they will be able to release her back into the wild in the future - she was born prematurely, and is oversize, which may be why she was abandoned. My friends named her Sugar. Holy god, what a sweetie-pie. I am such a tree-hugger baby-seal lover, I can hardly stand it.

Meanwhile, back at the bookshop, half the place is empty and that weird echoey noise is present for the first time since I moved in, years ago. The books were such good sound baffles, you see. Perhaps another month, and I'll be completely out of here, it's been slow going. On the home front - I have peas and potatoes and turnips and radishes and carrots showing foliage in the garden, and I'm plowing my way through not only the garden beds, but also the complete works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Every few years I return to him, and this time I'm reading everything I hadn't already read, like Treasure Island, which kept me up well into the evening - I loved its style and flow, it was simply a great book, no contest. Loved it. More soon. A highspeed internet connection is finally coming to our house next week, so I hope to return to more frequent blogging.

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