Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The end of an era?

I swear, if one more person says that to me... anyway, I suppose it is, like the phrase or not. A short post tonight, mainly to say that I held the ladder this evening while Ryan took down the bookshop sign. I also watched as stronger people than I carried four nine-foot bookcases down the stairs and out the door. They were destined for the other used bookshop a few doors down. Nice to know they have a new home (not mine, we have plenty of smaller bookcases to use ourselves). And now I have money to pay the movers on Monday. The shop is mostly packed and ready. This week I'm sorting out filing cabinets and culling book magazines and booksellers' catalogues, and time-consuming tasks like that. I knew when I opened I would someday do something else, somewhere else, and all of a sudden, it seems, the time is nigh. I'll be giving the blog a face-lift soon, to reflect this new state of affairs.

The local library had umpteen books by H.M. Tomlinson; I came home last night with seven. Book reports to follow.

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