Saturday, September 27, 2008


Home improvement?

Hurricane Kyle approaches the Maine coast. I'm worried. Long story short, see visual aid:

The south side of our house. Notice that odd little dormer window in the roof? Well, when we bought the house it leaked a wee bit, and had rotted somewhat, and we vowed to replace it with a wider dormer with a peaked roof to fit the style of the house. Fast forward to this week. Attic renovation is under way. Wonderful carpenter has been working all week under clear sunny skies. The rotten dormer is gone. In its place is the framework for the new one, and half a roof. And many tarps nailed down. Over a big hole. In the roof. Just to be clear. Hurricane Kyle is due tomorrow afternoon. We are standing by with buckets and towels and more tarps. Tomorrow night - rain and high winds and not much chance of sleep in the forecast.

By the way, the book collection (most of it) is located on the other side of the house. Away from the big hole in the roof. Just thought I'd mention that.

Hurricane worries, while I'm already feeling anxious about this artist-in-residence program - I may implode. I leave on October 1st, and will spend the entire month there, painting, away from my beloveds (husband, cat, house, State of Maine, etc). I'm assembling art supplies, books (can't NOT bring any books along), clothes, food, in a big pile in the dining room. Actually, I can't wait to go, I've been anticipating it for a long time and hope I will do some good work there. Just need to get through the hurricane first.

In that list just now, I find I mentioned books before clothing and food... yes, must pack the necessities first!

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