Sunday, July 26, 2009


The rain in Maine stays mainly in the plain

A quick note: last week's island exhibit was a success. The five paintings shown in my previous post: sold, sold, sold, sold, and sold. As well as three others, out of the twelve I had on display. I did lose one game of Scrabble, but then won a few, as well as having the geeky personal triumph of back-to-back bingos in one game: oranges and ravines. A first for me. Now I'm making plans for painting in August, if the weather will only cooperate. More rain falling today. In the midst of thick fog. I ask you.


Congratulations on the sales (and Scrabble triumphs). Lots and lots of rain down here, south of you, as well. It's good for the lawn mushrooms.

You go girl!!!
Hey, thanks, Vicky... I'm going, I'm going! Dan, the garden here is in a sad state - the only things that really seem to have loved the rain are the onions. Looks like I'll be eating onion soup all winter.

I can't say I recommend eating the lawn mushrooms.
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