Thursday, December 31, 2009


Trying to be good, as usual

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Volume VII, p.62:

"And thus ends this month, with my mind full of resolution to apply myself better, from this time forward, to my business then I have done... - visibly to my prejudice, both in quiet of mind and setting backward of my business, that I cannot give a good account of it as I ought to do."

He takes resolution-making to a high art, by writing down his "vowes"of good conduct, carrying them around with him in his pocket, and referring to them. Often. When tempted. Which is, again, often. But hey, a person has to have some fun, especially while surviving the plague year of 1665.

Thus I progress with the Diary, but I am still missing Volume VIII and here we are, inside for the foreseeable future due to the impending three-day snowstorm. I see I will have to read something other than Pepys. Luckily, I do not lack for reading material.

Farewell to the aughts, and a Happy New Year, full of temptation and varying degrees of resistance (and some yielding).

Pepys sure did take resolution-making to another level. Falling way short of that here. Thought you would appreciate this... The party soundtrack tonight includes Slaid Cleaves' New Year's Day. Follows Auld Lang Syne nicely! Happy New Year!
Hey, we listened to that too... then put on something more cheerful! Great song, but man oh man. May the new year bring some great books your way, Chuck. Thanks for checking in.
I wonder if you're thinking of Cleaves' One Good Year (dark, but great writing) instead of New Year's Day, which seems optimistic and hopeful of good things to come despite the passing of someone close to you--survival of the spirit in all that goes forward. Or am I missing something between the lines? Either way, whatever the interpretation, both are great songs. Any song with a line about going up to Maine to eat clams and lobsters (New Year's Day) will always resonate with me!
You're right! The first line of "One Good Year" was stuck in my head...

He gives a free concert on the lawn of his old high school, here in Maine, every summer. I made it once, bought cds and a t-shirt. He sang a great song about trains. I wish he would record it. A great storyteller.
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