Thursday, September 30, 2010


An eccentric's delight

A few more notes of interest from Patience Gray's unclassifiable book (though it does have recipes, so, a cookbook, sort of, but not really), Honey from a Weed:

"Artists have something in common with shepherds in that their means of livelihood is not apparent - they work for long periods with no prospect of gain, and others regard this as disreputable." (p.18)

"Failure as a source of discovery is an encouraging thought." (p.36)

Those words might be cause for despair, and yet they have the opposite effect on me.

Lastly, my very favorite:

"Eccentricity: living according to priorities established by one's own experience." (p.111).

I want to give this book to several people I know. But I want to keep it for myself. What to do.

Hi..wanted to stop by when I saw you mention Mrs. Appleyard on My Porch. I've never come across anyone else who's read her! I just found My Brookline Trunk in a used-book store, which has special meaning because I live there!

I love to tell people about Susan Hill's The Magic Apple Tree. It's hard to find, but your library might have it...
Hi, Audrey! When I was young one of my very favorite books was Kent's "He Went with Marco Polo." I still have it, and also my grandmother's and mother's copies of "Mrs. Appleyard's Year" and "Mrs. Appleyard and I." I tracked down "The Winter Kitchen" and "The Summer Kitchen" and got "...with Kitchen Privileges" out of the library, but have yet to find a copy to own. Love her quiet wry style. For more in that vein, read "Pleasures and Palaces" by Frances and Gertrude Warner (if you haven't already).

One of the readers of this blog has been recommending that very Susan Hill book to me for several months now (she may smile if she reads this). I see I really must find a copy! Thank you for stopping by -
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