Monday, May 06, 2013


from snow to... ice cream

What a difference a few months makes.  Spring was a long time coming, this year, and between February:

and early May, here in Maine, there is a world of difference.  It's still sweater weather on or near the ocean, but oh the warm sun, and bare feet on the beach, finally, I am not too proud to say it again FINALLY:

We are emerging like blinking moles into the light, and can't quite believe it's really time to put the snow shovels away in the shed for good.  Places up and down the coast are dusting themselves off and reopening for the season, and we are too.  Before my art opening the other night, we stopped at Dorman's, a local homemade ice cream take-out.  See, the snow may be long gone, but we still want something cold and frosty, just in a different form.  Look how happy I am, moments away from a scoop of ginger and a scoop of chocolate:

Ryan had blueberry, in a waffle cone.  Dorman's is justly famous for its flavors, and also for declining to sell its Route 1 piece of land (which includes the take-out and the owners' home directly behind it) to Walmart.  Walmart is building anyway, a few acres behind them, and thus we ate our cones to the sound of giant machines clearing the land.  Brief editorial comment:  I will never shop there.  But oh the ice cream, I plan on stopping for it over many summers to come, god willing.  Lots of Walmarts around, only one Dorman's.  I love their little building and am going to make a painting of it one of these days, now that it's warm enough to stand around in one place outside for more than a few minutes.  The little take-out that could.  Happy spring, dear friends.

Oh, I knew I liked you, Sara. I won't go into a Wal-Mart either! The ice cream place is cool though. We've been out for ice cream once here in Ohio too this month -- vanilla frozen custard with fresh blueberries strawberries, and humongous blackberries!
Hi Tess, good to hear from you! After a long day of painting on location, I often need a little something before the drive home - thus I have all the really good take-outs mapped out in my head. Sometimes a crab roll, sometimes ice cream. Rewards help.

I have gone to Walmart before, though only a few times, under duress (every other store in the area stopped carrying the organic catfood we used to feed Hodge). Soul-killing experiences. If you ever want to know how much is too much, well, there it all is, under one roof.
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