Thursday, July 14, 2016



Gorgeous summer is in full bloom around here.  I am working and working and working some more, at painting mostly, and various other projects.  For one, I've been putting together a small book of my watercolors, with some text, and I hope to finish it later this year.   Because of all this busyness, many other things and experiences have fallen by the wayside, at least temporarily.  I cannot, I find, do it all, much less do it all well.  So I am saying no to many things, in real life and virtually.  Especially virtually - screen time of any kind has become less and less pleasurable for me in recent months.  So I am letting myself off the hook and taking an extended break, here, for the foreseeable future.  Besides, my reading life is languishing - right now I read art books and look at the pictures, mostly, and have made no more headway in the diaries of James Lees-Milne.  Much less in any other books.  And my bookselling life, well, that has slowed to a veritable crawl.  Thus with no book news to report, I feel as if this so-called book blog has become as a field of chirping crickets.  Pleasant, distracting - to myself if not to anyone else.  Gentle noise.  When I am in need of quiet.  After more than ten years of sharing my life in books, I am content to call it a day.  Rest assured that I will return if and when I have anything of note to discuss.  Because it has been a great joy to write and communicate openly with other readers and book lovers, in this way, and the fact of that will never change.  Thanks for reading what I have written.  Thanks for talking with me about those wonderful papery-magic objects-that-are-more-than-objects that we all love.  Doing so has lifted my heart during many dark days and brought further illumination to many already sunny days.  I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  Please keep seeking out and reading wonderful books.  I promise to do the same. ♥ 

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