Monday, August 14, 2017


my middle name is...

Another forthcoming book.  Another long wait.  And again, it looks to be well worth it:

Photo from his twitter feed.  More information on his website.  As is this quote:

"I have always loved the winter months, with their crisp mornings, candlelight and promise of snow. The Christmas Chronicles is the story of my adoration of the cold months, my fondness for the winter landscape with its pale blue skies and bare trees;...   A stir-up of diary, memoir and cook book, here are stories of Bonfire Night and Halloween, of Christmases past and present, trips to the best Christmas Markets, shopping for decorations and how to choose The Tree....  This is my celebration of the cold months from late autumn to well into the New Year, a day by day story of the winter solstice and its pleasures. I have never enjoyed writing a book more than this."

Nigel Slater.  The Christmas Chronicles.  450 pages.  Due to be published by Fourth Estate on October 19th, 2017.  I won't wait to ask Santa for a copy.  Where books are concerned I am usually my own Santa.  And why not, since (as I've mentioned before) my middle name is literally...


I love winter, and solstice-time with its attendant metaphorical possibilities, and just seeing this book cover brings me feelings of peace and contentment.  Much-needed during yet another dark hour for our country.  (Or, I should say, during a continuing time of darkness, since it doesn't ever let up.)  I'll take a little light right now, wherever I find it, and simply knowing that artists and writers all around the world are carrying on their good work, despite all, lifts my heart and bolsters my own courage.  That's all I've got today - shine on.  

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