Thursday, December 01, 2005


What I collect besides books

Between the shop and home, I am caretaker to thousands of books. Books taking up all the space they do, often exasperatingly (as there's never enough shelf space), I find some relief in simultaneously collecting miniature items. I have an album that I am slowly filling up with booksellers' tickets, those diminutive bookshop labels often found inside the front or back covers of old books. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love their size (most are postage stamp-size or smaller), the different designs and fonts, the colors, their ephemeral nature, and of course their overall general bookishness. I've found around 200 so far, from all corners of the globe. They're the luggage labels of the book trade.

You might check out my Gallery of Book Trade Labels, he says with a somewhat proprietary air ... Do drop by!
Greg, GREG! I just spent a blissful hour browsing your fine site, and have nothing but praise for you! How very lovely... I've been searching for a site such as yours, and I don't know how I managed not to stumble across it in the eventual-google manner of things. The pictures of tickets make me want to scour all the shops in my area and beyond for the ones I never knew existed before this. I'm going to put a link to your site in a new post, because more people need to see this site. Thanks very much, how great to meet you!
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