Friday, February 24, 2006


Look out, Massachusetts... I come. My husband is running the Hyannis Marathon on Sunday, and I'm coming along as support staff/carbohydrate gel dispenser/gym bag holder/photograph taker/all-around running fan. This is his second marathon, and his race goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. At his first marathon (in 2005) he missed qualifying by a mere three minutes, and he's been training hard since then, so barring trouble, fingers crossed, he should be fine.

What does this have to do with books, you say? Well, of course we are going to visit several used bookshops both before and after the marathon. I can't remember the name of the shop on Main Street in Hyannis, but I visited a year ago and it was pretty good, so we'll go back. I'm also hoping to stop at Titcomb's in East Sandwich, and, in Boston on the way home, Brattle, and Commonwealth Books. I won't be back in the shop until Tuesday, so have a great weekend everyone, and think of me anonymously wandering the stacks of used bookshops other than mine, greedily eyeing good books left and right.

Those of us in Massachusetts say welcome and good luck to your husband!

If you have more time in the Boston area, you might check out McIntyre and Moore in Somerville (Davis Square). It's near Tufts and is on the Red Line, nearest stop Davis station. It's one of my favorite used book stores in the area.

Wherever you go, you'll have fun!

Thanks Dan - I'm always looking for good bookshop recommendations. If I have time I'll go - if not, next trip (if all goes well at the marathon, we'll be back in Boston in April)... I looked at the M&M website and it looks right up my alley. My mother lives in Maine now but was born and grew up in Cambridge - I like the area, but don't get there much. I hate to say how often I actually leave the great state of Maine (let's just say 'not often' and leave it at that).
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