Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Road trip report

Well, I'm back in the shop and am slowly getting caught up with phone messages, email, snail mail, and finally, this here blog. Some brief highlights from my weekend in Massachusetts: my fleet-of-foot husband ran like the wind (3:09:26) despite the freezing cold, and qualified for the Boston Marathon, so we'll be heading south again in April; I found mightily good books at three of the four bookshops I wanted to visit; and I saw many flocks of geese headed north, so spring can't be far behind them. Over the next few days I'll be posting some of my favorite book finds of the trip. Here is the first one:

Clarion Press, London 1901. It's a small fat book, pleasingly chunky being one of my favorite formats, and the gilt lettering and design on the cover is so very nice. $25 at Brattle Book Shop. I hope it's as good to read as it is to look at. At first glance Mr. Blatchford's prose looks a mite purple.

I bought two bags of books at Brattle, two bigger bags at Titcomb's, and just one lonely book at Commonwealth (although there were many more I wanted). The Hyannis bookshop I went to last year is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so I think that today the proprietors must surely be wiping my nose prints off the plate glass window in the front of the shop. I stood up close and gazed at all the books I couldn't get my hands on. How frustrating. The good news is that this means I didn't spend the rent money, tomorrow being the first of the month and all.

Off to work, I'll post more about my trip tomorrow.

A beautiful-looking book.
What a gorgeous book! Who cares if the contents are blather!
That book looks so lush-*sigh of envy*! Congrats to your husband on making it into the Boston Marathon and I hope you got to catch the end of Bleak House(it was so good!).
I've read part of this book, and here's a sample, from the chapter on the pleasures of reading in bed: "A bed book must be a well-bred fellow, a fellow of culture, of good grace; soft spoken, cheerful, politely reticent. A man does not go to bed to be bullied, roared at, roused to mutiny, deceived into tears, nor yet to be preached to death by wild curates." (p.44) He recommends Spenser, and Longfellow. May we place bets on whether or not the author was a married man (and a kindred spirit of Professor Henry Higgins, perhaps)?

Bleak House, Bleak House. What can I say. Well, for starters, we checked in at the Sheraton in Hyannis, and didn't notice until late that night that the cable channels they carry DID NOT include WGBH or any other PBS station for that matter. Arg! I still can't talk about it, it's too upsetting.
Too bad about Bleak House(if you can't find a station that'll replay it,there's always the DVD set)-Masterpiece Theater is planning to have He Knew He Was Right at the end of March and that should be just as good.
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