Monday, February 06, 2006


Too busy to blog at length...

...but here is a great dust jacket cover design from a Horace Liveright book from 1936,by Sutton Vane: Outward Bound, a three-act play originally performed in 1923. A death-ship story. One of my favorite steamship covers of all time.

I hope everyone's weekend was fine? On Saturday I bought three more cartons and two bags of books for stock at another library sale, this one in Blue Hill, Maine. Spent $85. Highlights include hardcovers by David Foster Wallace, Zadie Smith, Marilynne Robinson, etc., and two copies of 84, Charing Cross Road (one paperback and one hardcover), plus a book on the history of the bagpipes. I also found seven new booksellers' tickets in nondescript 1930s and 1940s novels. They were worth the dollar each I had to pay! And also for me: Reading in Bed: Personal Essays on the Glories of Reading (editor Steven Gilbar, Godine 1995), which I will take home this evening. Too busy, more soon...

Funny that you bought a hardcover and a paperback of 84 Charing Cross Road-I have that in HC and paperback as well!

My hardcover 84 is abit odd because it's a British edition with an American jacket(not that I'm complaining,the back cover has a
lovely photo of Marks and Co that you
see in the film version of 84 CCR). Helene Hanff was such a cool lady-wonder if she liked the way Anne Bancroft played her onscreen?
From the Daily Telegraph, 1997, obituary of Helene Hanff:

"If I had a million pounds and my life over again," she said, "I'd have a flat in Marylebone and spend my days walking around London looking for Noel Coward's Mayfair, Samuel Pepys's Fleet Street and Isaac Walton's meandering river."

I still haven't seen the film, I don't know if I ever will. I don't want the book changed for me in that way that a film inevitably does.
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