Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Another good reason to subscribe

I've mentioned Fine Books & Collections magazine recently - well, I got my new issue in the mail and saw an item I just had to pass on to you, dear readers. Their "Digest" section has an article about the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association (UK). The article notes that there will be a cricket match between members of the ABA and the PBFA (Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association). No date has been set for the match yet, but we can keep track of that at the ABA website, along with with the other details of their centenary celebration (including a ball - a ball - at the Royal Geographical Society). Cricket - an ideal sport for us glasses-wearing, bookish, literary types who secretly yearn to be athletic? A sport suited to the temperament of a bookseller? Or is this just what I imagine it to be, as an American who knows nothing about cricket... I guess I want it to be more than the equivalent of a softball game at the annual company party. However it turns out, what fun.

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