Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Don't wait!

A fellow came by this morning and browsed for a while, and as we chatted as he was leaving, he said, "After I retire, I think I'll open a bookshop." I said, "Good god, don't wait until you retire!" He looked like he was in his 40s. That's a long time to wait for the bookshop of your dreams. So many people tell me that they've always wanted their own bookshops. Instead they are sitting in cubicles doing data entry, driving trucks, teaching, day-trading, or what-have-you, and when they go on vacation they visit used bookshops like mine. Makes me sad.

In non-book news, I can't believe that the Pats let Adam Vinatieri go (to the Colts, no less, arg!). Is nothing sacred? A rhetorical question, obviously, since next to nothing remains sacred in professional sports.

So you already have yours? Since how long? I just created a blog as a little helper on my long and complicated journey. But I am also excited since it's gonna be an adventurous and exciting life to come and I will be doing what I like.
Don't let anyone discourage you! It is an awesome life! I LOVE IT! You will too! I worked at a new-book store after college, then got into selling used books in an antiques group shop and online, then opened my own shop five years ago. I think I decided I wanted my own shop when I was 24 or so, I'm 38 now. You do the math... but I got here, and it's worth it!
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