Friday, March 17, 2006


A great way to spend MANY, MANY HOURS

No, not reading, this time. Over the past few weeks I've listened to many of the fine interviews from Don Swaim's old CBS radio show, Book Beat. The great thing about these interviews: not only did he talk with almost every author you've ever heard of and admired, but also the online versions are the long versions (thirty minutes to an hour), unedited, and largely unscripted, not the edited, two-minute final on-air versions. The good folks at Wired for Books at Ohio University are to be commended. What a gift! And I've barely scratched the surface with these; I've listened to a few of my favorites, but my god, I've got a business to run, and Pepys's Diary to finish. Forget hours, we're talking DAYS.

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