Friday, March 24, 2006


"Rebel Bookseller" part two

Of course I should have checked before completing the previous post, but now I find that the aforementioned Andy Laties has his very own site and blog. He says this as a last bit of financial advice for the person struggling to open a bookshop:

"Use the Power Of The Weak. Right now you can specialize in looking poor and enthusiastic. Ready to humiliate yourself. People love that. They'll want to join right in. Get the neighborhood fanatical about you."

From experience, this works! Discriminating book buyers love weird little shops! His book is targeted at chain-bookstore employees who yearn for their own shops, but it looks to have useful information for any people of the bookish persuasion. I'm ordering a copy for immediate inclusion in my collection of books written by booksellers.

A good book seller's blog to check out is Bookseller Chick-she works in a chain store and has great insights about the current state of books as well as some damn funny customer antidotes.
Thanks - I took a look, good stuff indeed! I'll add her to my favorites...
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