Saturday, March 25, 2006


Snail mail

I received this old book cover postcard in the mail today from my bookish friend Bob. The fine print at the top, not quite legible in the picture below, reads: "THE IDEAL BOOK CLUB / Books must not be loaned - Penalty - / Automatic Suspension from club." What a ruthless bunch of 'ladies who lunch' they must have been! We can only look back on them with pity, and wonder how many were finally suspended when all was said and done. This sums up neatly why I myself am not a member of a book group - I'd inevitably go off on a reading tangent and never finish the book at hand.

I don't know what the above book was, by the way. It does have a very nice little gilt device on the front cover, with the initials "EPD Co" for E.P. Dutton, and an owl on a branch. 1930s, I'd say. Thanks, Bob!

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