Friday, April 21, 2006


100th post!

Dear readers, this is blog post #100 here at Sarah's Books. I'd like to fritter it away by asking you a few questions, if I may. What would you like to see more of in this space? Bookshop news? Customer tales? Buying and selling? Book-news from the outside world? What I've been reading? My other, non-book-related pursuits (I'm a painter, and, obviously, a writer)? What do you have absolutely no interest in reading about (any of the above topics)?

I'd particularly like to hear from some folks who I know are reading, but who rarely, if ever, comment (you know who you are, and I do, too), as well as from the more talkative regular readers (many thanks, it's been a pleasure to meet you). I've enjoyed writing here, and sounding off about this and that, and waxing enthusiastic about books both specific and general. Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Kind regards to all, from one happy bookshop owner:

p.s. This month also marks the five-year anniversary of the week I opened my shop. And what a great five years it's been - the best of my life, thus far. I trust it will only get better.

Congrats on both counts,Sarah! As to content,I'm happy with whatever you write but if pushed,I would say that I like it when you discuss your current reads.

It would be great to hear about your artwork,too-my dad was a painter and so were two of my grandparents.
I'm one of your anonymous, non-commenting readers, who enjoys your blog's easy-going manner and observations on the ups and downs of bookselling. Although I'm many states away I may just have you search for some books for me!
Sarah, congratulations on hitting three digits on the posts as well as the five year anniversary. As far as topics, I'm happy with any and all you mentioned, whatever keeps you interested in writing.

You've inspired me to get back to Brattle when the semester ends and I get a little free time. Bargain Sassoons!

Bravo! Book stuff, professional stuff, personal stuff, artistic stuff: it's all the stuff of life and it's all good.
I enjoy all the topics you mentioned but tips on good books are especially welcome. I just ordered the little book on Literary Byways of Boston for my trip to that area this summer. Thank you!
Hey, Sarah. I'm a regular reader of this blog, as well as a former blogger, and I always enjoy your posts. I'd sure love to read more about Maine, since I love reading anything that contains a strong sense of place. Other than that, keep doin' what you're doin'.
As a regular reader of this delightful blog, i would love to hear more about what it is like to live books on a daily basis. being one of a few remaining indy booksellers, you have a valuable perspective. What does it feel like to get new books, reasearch them, learn obsure factoids about lost and forgotten writers.
Who are your customers, why do they come, what do they buy, how do they smell, what kind of lives do they have. how is technology changing the selling of books? Thanks for all the good writing.

Hallo Sarah, many congratulations on both achievements.

Our best wishes from south London.
Many thanks everyone, for your comments. I'm going to start in on my next hundred posts shortly, and will take into account your likes and suggestions. How happy I am to have such bookish readers!
To Lady T, more soon on art and of course reading books, which is all I seem to do, most days. My parents met in art school... Thanks for reading and commenting often, I appreciate it, greatly!

To anonymous, thanks, I'm glad you're reading and enjoying. I'd be happy to add any books you're searching for to my ever-growing want lists.

Dan, I collect Sassoon. I'll post one of my favorite Sassoon book jackets soon. Over the years I've been lucky enought to find two signed books and even a book with his bookplate in it. Glad to find another author in common with you. Let us congratulate each other yet again on our good taste.

To Lesley - thanks for reading and for your encouragement. You're right of course, this is my blog and I can write about all the stuff of me here. That's one purpose of a blog, after all.

Carol - another great book for your next visit to the Boston area: "A Guide to Writers' Homes in New England" by Miriam Levine (Applewood Books 1991). Same deal - a bit outdated, but the essentials are there (The Old Manse remains The Old Manse). Also, don't forget "The Used Book Lover's Guide to New England" from Bookhunter Press.

To Steve - I hope to describe Maine in greater detail for you as the weather gets better. I spend a lot of time outside in the summer and fall. Winter, I'm indoors reading and generally being indolent.

Driftless - oh how wonderful it is to live with books every day. It is as good as you suspect it would be. Re customers: one said to me yesterday that he would propose marriage to me if I could find the books he wanted. Ah, life in retail.

Jonathan - I check in at your blog from time to time, good stuff! Cheers from "new" England, I hope to get to old England someday, to visit bookshops, of course...

And JGodsey, what can I say, your fine blog is a treasure trove of information both antiquarian and contemporary. Love it!
Hi Sarah,

We've exchanged some emails on Constance Butler and dustjackets and things. I enjoy your blog very much. I like it's casual and friendly tone. As for what I would like to see more of, I like it all. I especially enjoy posts on buying and selling and your tales of the everyday ins-and-outs of running a used bookstore.

Thanks for doing this! It is a pleasure to read.
My thanks to you for reading, Gary. I've had a great time writing this blog, and putting up pictures of books I like, to show readers here when there's no one else around to share them with in person. I remember that you solved my Constance Butler mystery - you resourceful librarians...
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