Friday, April 28, 2006


Is this something we want to read?

Oh yes, this IS something we want to read. Too bad it's not published yet. Another month. We can be patient, can't we? It's a fine thing that there are books like this to look forward to. It keeps me moving ahead.

I went to a christening last night, for my new niece (also named Sarah, which makes me smile), and became a godparent for the first time. That was joyful. Then I went to a funeral this morning, for the long-time partner of a dear friend. Not joyful. And it's a relentlessly beautiful spring day here, with a high clear blue sky and all the trees almost in leaf and daffodils tossing. So today, I'm looking around the shop, feeling a bit what's it all for, and thinking about beginnings, and endings. Books help. Here's another quote, a hopeful one, from the monster anthology I've been reading (An Editor's Treasury):

"Do you know that your bodies are made of some of the same substances that are found in the sun and the other stars? You are a sample of the great Universe. So do not let little things trouble you but think and act as if you were part of a bigger world than the little earth upon which you live."

- Edwin B. Frost (p.707)

A quote for you, along the same lines perhaps. It, at least, calms me down and can pull me from melancholy.

I'm not a fan of Kerouac, in fact I mostly despise him, but some of his words are still powerful. This made my list:

Kerouac, Jack; On the Road

We've got a long way to go and so you must take every indulgence and deal with every single detail you can bring to mind - and still it won't all be told. Easy, easy, you've got to relax too.
Yes, Kerouac. I can almost forgive Hazlitt for talking down to women, but I can't seem to forgive Kerouac. That said, I try to keep in mind that most people (writers included) are doing the best they can do with what they have. There is beauty to be found, right next to human flaws, and it often is all the more beautiful because of the flaws. More human. A fine quotation, thank you. It helps.
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