Monday, April 03, 2006


One more *compulsive* thing to do

I've been browsing around at LibraryThing, and it looks like fun, but I'm worried that I'd spend WAY too much time on a project such as this, when instead I could be shuffling my real books around at home, quietly, in private, like the bookish introvert book collector that I am. That said, I do like the shared nature of the whole site - it's great to see people recommending books to each other, all willy-nilly - you can find out who likes the same authors and titles you do. The website is a Maine-based concern, which also makes me happy. We read up here in L.L. Bean-land. Books are important to us. Maybe it's got something to do with all the trees... or maybe I'm a little tired and need to go home now.

Hey! Greetings from Portland. (Saw this post on Google Blog Search.)

I hope you like the site, and I'd love to hear how it could be better. I wonder, for example, whether used bookstores could use it, for example to post their stuff on Abe or Alibris.

Check the blog in May or June. I'm going to have a LibraryThing Meetup / barbeque.

Hi Tim! Glad you found my post - I love your site, it's Flickr but better, in my opinion, because it's all about BOOKS, of course, and READING, my favorite things. I'll watch for the bbq on your blog. I get to Portland fairly often - Cunningham's is my favorite used bookshop to visit when in town. Come on by if you are ever in Bangor!
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