Monday, April 24, 2006



I did see Augusten Burroughs the other night, and met him at the book signing afterwards. He was just terrific, very warm and funny - I will post at length about him tomorrow.

And on an unrelated note, Ryan beat me at Scrabble on Saturday night, by bingoing with the word "squishy" at the last moment. He had hoarded the two blanks. Oh, it was ugly...

Don't take too long to fill us in on the Augusten Burroughs talk,please! I haven't read any of his books but am rather curious about him(especially since the film version of Running With Scissors is to be directed by the creator of Nip/Tuck,Ryan Murphy).
He did talk about the film a bit - which I forgot to mention above. He said that the only reason he did it is that the person who wanted to buy the film rights (Murphy, I presume?) had lunch with him and convinced AB that he completely *got* the book, and AB said that word on the set was always "the book says this" and "this is the way it goes in the book" and he even wanted the same furniture that AB recalled having in the house as a kid. Detail-oriented in the best way. AB said that he'd seen the film and it was like watching old home movies, except everyone was much better looking.
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