Friday, June 30, 2006


Books are moving, in more ways than one

I've been following the recent news stories about The Tattered Cover in Denver and its huge move. I particularly like this short piece from Harry Smith at CBS News (minus the typo - not to be a snoot, but let's play Find the Errant Apostrophe for a moment) - it really says it all. Tattered Cover customers: get right over there and buy some books, as soon as you can!

Dear Sarah,

Good news about The Tattered Cover.

This is off topic, but I figured you'd appreciate the coincidence. We're back from a couple weeks on Cape Cod, spending most of our time in the Hyannis area, but driving up to see friends near Eastham. I brought along a number of books (including Beston's The Outtermost House, set in Eastham) and picked up several more, of course. I like to read a number of books simultaneously (well, almost) and read one Angela Thirkell per month.

As a result, I've just finished or am currently reading:

The Old Bank House, Angela Thirkell
The Outermost House (in which he thanks our friend Herbert Faulkner West)
The House on Nauset Marsh, Wyman RIchardson (also set in Eastham), and
The Big House, George Howe Colt (thanks to you for the recommendation).

Tell that baby to come out.

I read "The House of Mirth" a few weeks ago. And now I am painting pictures of houses. Hmmm. Love Beston, his book "Herbs and the Earth" is quite wonderful, and I've always loved "The Outermost House" for his descriptions of the sea in different seasons. Glad you picked up "The Big House" - I hope you like it as much as I did.

No baby yet... I wonder, will we have a Fourth of July baby? No signs yet.
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