Monday, October 16, 2006


The happiness of the long distance runner

I must mention that my husband ran an amazing race yesterday at the Mount Desert Island Marathon, and he PR-ed by over seven minutes. And came in tenth place OVERALL (!!) from a field of around 800, with a time of 3:02:23. This on a tough, hilly course. He was in sixth place for the first half of the race. Crazy-good. I know it's a cliche to say that marathon runners are inspirational, but take a good long look from the side of the road at mile 24 or so and watch these people giving it all they have, for no other reason than to test themselves and see what they are capable of. Living completely and fully in the moment, totally stripped down to the essentials. It's truly incredible. We're headed back to the Boston Marathon in the spring, need I say it?

Way to go, Ryan!
I know, he is the bees' knees, as my friend B would say...
I must say that watching him go was pretty cool... I hope my cheering didn't mess with his rythym too much.
Heeey Michael! Cheer all you want, it's inspirational for runners to know that someone cares, it really gives them a lift. I was yelling my head off, at many points along the course (also from the car as I drove by him - waving and beeping and generally making a spectacle of myself).

See you on the streets, kid.
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