Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A tiny piece of eye candy

Blog-lurker and bookseller Charlie knows I love booksellers' tickets; he found this one in a book about Japan from 1936 and emailed me this enlargement of it. He thought I might like it. Oh, yes, I DO. Can anyone read this? Whatever it says, what a great design; I particularly like the stylized rising sun over the v of the open book:

I have one lonely ticket from Peking - the only sample I have from any country in the far east. I was curious about Isseido, and googling finds us this - do check it out, there are several great photos of an antiquarian bookshop in Tokyo. Cool. Thanks, Charlie...

I've recently posted a similar Isseido label at my book label website. Mine is old enough for the characters to run R-to-L in the old style. On yours the characters left and right, respectively, are Tokyo and Kanda (a Tokyo neighborhood famous for its antiquarian bookstores). The central characters I think may be a stylized "Isseido" - note that the direction of the characters hasn't changed in the logo. There is now a page of Japanese labels at my website.
Best, Greg
Sorry, make that Isseido.
Hi Greg - I knew I should have checked your site first! Lovely lovely labels. I particularly like the red Kobe one at the top of your page. Thanks for the information. I am very happy to know where the used bookshop district is in Tokyo, even if I never go there...
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