Saturday, November 18, 2006


The book awards keep on coming

More awards! It's positively relentless - the number of new books each year that I suspect I will never read, even though they sure do look good. Read read read, I'm reading as fast as I can! Sometimes, though, I do end up reading stray award-winners. Albeit a year or two (or more) after the time they actually win. Sad, but there it is. Right now I'm in the middle of volume one of Hickey's memoirs and am more concerned about his embezzlement of office funds (to pay for his rakehell habits), which has just resulted in his father packing him off to a regiment in India. Love the late eighteenth century. Not to say that I'm not thrilled for the latest award-winners - imagine writing a book and receiving national recognition for it. I'm sure all authors have. Imagined it, that is.

I surprised myself by reading 4 books shortlisted for the awards this year. I have spent the most the year deeply absorbed in the 19th century courtesy of Trollope, Gaskell and others. When I finish the chilling The Plot Against America by Roth, I might head back to the Victorians. I am coveting those Hickey memoirs...
Sarah: Has anyone ever asked you to ship books overseas via M-BAG in the PO?


Marilynn Quigley
Vicky, I have accepted that I am hopelessly behind the times. Luckily, anachronism is cool...

Marilynn - I have shipped m-bag before several times, once to Germany and a few to Canada. Works well, often cheaper than airmail, but faster than surface. Speaking of anachronism - it really is a big old canvas bag, with tags on it, and using it makes me feel like a pony express courier.
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