Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Linksfest 2006

Several folks have emailed recently with interesting links, and I've added a few more I thought were well worth checking out. I'm cleaning out my inbox today, so here they are:

The eccentric bookshop I'll never forget from Charlie in Madison. Love it. I have a bookshop, but nothing here is actually for sale! Get out!

Vicky sends word that last week's issue of The New Yorker was extremely bookish (cover, articles, cartoons). I missed it, but hope others caught it ( is now not the time to go into the sad fact that I do not get through most of the magazines I already subscribe to...)?

Richard at AbeBooks pointed me to this article about The Haunted Bookshop. Not the Morley book, an actual haunted bookshop. The ghost's name is Claire.

I'm on the mailing list over at McSweeney's and they are looking to drum up business so they can keep their publications pouring forth. Gotta love The Believer (great articles, AND entirely advertisement-free, which is a relief and a delight), and Dave Eggers has a new book out. Early Christmas-list fodder for bookish hipsters.

Speaking of bookish hipsters (and I mean that term in the kindest of ways), I have new neighbors here in Bangor: Sasha and Mike (mild language alert). It's official, we now have the coolest building in town.

Finally I must mention that I enjoy Scott's blog over at Fine Books & Collections. Reading it makes me feel like I'm involved with the antiquarian book world at large (as does reading the magazine), rather than being holed up in my little shop in Maine, dreaming of Gutenberg Bibles. If I ever get around to figuring out how to update my miniscule blogroll over to the left, his will appear there. That's it for now.

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