Wednesday, November 22, 2006


More evidence regarding poor business practices

I won't continue arguing with folks about what a poor businessperson I am, I will simply offer another tattered shred of evidence: I am about to close up for the long weekend and traipse off, first to my sister's, then to a Maine island, until Sunday. Yes, that's right, I will close the shop for several of the busiest shopping days of the year. This while knowing I don't quite have enough money to pay the rent in December (without a bit of, shall we say, creative shuffling of funds). Maybe I should leave the shop open and leave a tea tin of money on the counter for people to make their own change from. Bookbuyers are an honest bunch, in my experience, I bet it would work.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers and friends. I'll talk with you again on Monday.

Yeah, "bookbuyers are an honest bunch". But here's a bit of good advice : just don't tell ME when you do it... I might drive down all the way to Maine to see this ! But then, I would miss out on my best reason to make the trip — that is, meeting you.

(Besides, reading books doesn't make serious people: your case, apparently, is desperate — perhaps even worst than mine. I've given up, long ago, any hope of ever behaving responsibly regarding business — too many books lie in my way, too much art, too much nature... Along with too many bills to ever catch up !)

Have a good time on your Maine island !
Hey Pierre - no island after all, perhaps we'll go after Christmas this year instead - another bad time to be closed because everyone's on vacation and must get out of the house, and what better thing to do than browse in the bookshops... and oh no! She's closed!!

Re visiting me at the shop: I'm better virtually than in real life. Take my word for it. But blogging sure is great for introverted book geeks (speaking as one).
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