Monday, November 20, 2006


More London Bookshops

Volume one of The London Bookshop came in the mail today (Richard Brown and Stanley Brett, Private Libraries Association 1971). It's just as good as volume two. I add another photo here, of E.H. Dring at Quaritch, because it reminds me of that famous print called The Bookworm, but here the bookworm has come to life and is turning off his ladder towards us, perhaps to help us find a book we're looking for:
He even looks friendly! Volume one contains sections about James Bain Ltd, Andrew Block, Louis W. Bondy, Stanley Crowe, H.M. Fletcher, Harold Mortlake & Co, Bertram Rota Ltd, Charles J. Sawyer, Stanley Smith, Suckling & Co, and last but certainly not least, Bernard Quaritch Ltd. The book also has a chatty introduction and reminiscence by bookman Percy Muir, icing on the cake. So I'm avoiding my problems today, sitting lost in a book, not getting anything done. Just how I like it. Books really are the ultimate escapism, aren't they. (That is a rhetorical question, hence no question mark.)

WOW! now i have to get me one of those.
i just got the new Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography in the mail.
Always a good day when the mail carrier brings books, isn't it...

Thanks for commenting!
Hello Sarah

I work in one of the London bookshops featured in Muir's book - Bertram Rota Ltd, still selling books after all these years!

Really enjoying reading your blog, do check out ours if you have a moment -

Best wishes

Hello Nancy - in my collection of bookseller ephemera I have many Bertram Rota catalogues - glad to hear the company still thrives. A pleasure to meet you and thanks for alerting me about your blog. I'm heading off to read it...
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