Friday, November 24, 2006


So much for plans

Never make plans. Wing it. Much easier to adjust when things go awry. I'm here in the shop after all. I did hold hands with my family around the table yesterday, and gave great thanks, but other travel plans went end over teakettle when our car broke down. The mechanic across the street from my sister's house now has possession, and we limped back to Bangor in a spare family vehicle we cadged for the weekend. So no island-hopping, and good thing - we heard from my dad after the ferry ride and apparently the sea was rocking and rolling this morning, and many folks on the boat were busy divesting themselves of much of that good food from the day before. On that happy note, for those of us who celebrated yesterday, what dish were you most proud of? We had an organic turkey and trimmings. I brought carrots with ginger and honey, and a creamed leeks and onions dish that my mother is especially fond of. My brother-in-law made a spectacular squash pie, my other sister made swiss chard and garlic. I didn't overeat, and am now looking forward to a leftover turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwich for supper - my sister made me up a great little sampler pack to bring home. A reward, after (hopefully) after selling a raft of books this afternoon.

okay now you have to share
leeks and onions?
would this be in a cream sauce?
with nutmeg?
gimme a hint.
I believe in recipes with less than five ingredients (though I will eat almost anything, really). Cook down some sliced leeks in butter, while boiling pearl onions for a few minutes (in a different pot). Then put the pearl onions in cold water (so you don't burn your fingers) and peel them, and drop them in with the leeks, then pour some cream over all and let simmer for a few minutes. Then put in the fridge overnight so the cream gets soaked up. Reheat, salt if desired, scarf up with a spoon. Very simple. Very yum, if you love leeks like I do.
Sounds like a wonderful meal! My husband cooked roasted squash risotto; red cabbage with cranberries, cloves and cinnamon; and a boned, butterflied turkey breast rolled with kale, mushrooms, prosciutto and ricotta. I made my favorite rich, sticky gingerbread served with lots of whipped cream. Life is good. Before returning to college, our son made us a wild mushroom pizza on a spicy cornmeal crust. This apple didn't fall far from the tree!

By the way, the first two recipes are in a cookbook that I bought at the great Sarah's Books!
Vicky, you lucky woman. Sounds fabulous - that Dave, what a guy!
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