Friday, December 15, 2006


Amusing myself

I've been unable to blog much this week - too busy with other activities (selling books being but one) - but here are a few quick items of note from the blogosphere:

The Guardian has a nice bit about the Hergé show about to open in Paris. I love Tintin, I have since I was about ten. And I still read Tintin whenever I want something familiar and dependably terrific.

Jonathan always makes me smile, and this post is no exception. Ah, Richard Scarry (I always identified with Lowly Worm, myself).

Straying away from the bookish for but a moment, I must direct folks once again to my friend Sasha and her wheat-free cooking blog. I myself am not wheat-free, but my lord with food like this I'd never miss it. Looks like delicious comes first.

And speaking of good food, the Chowhound site has got to be one of the best resources for the hungry traveler. If you visit the site, click on the boards, and your region of the country or world to find out who considers what eateries truly worth visiting (and where the locals eat). I post here from time to time about food in Maine. There are foodies, and then there are chowhounds.

That's it for now - I'm busily (don't you just love adverbs!) selling books, and after work tonight I head out for a holiday dinner with two of my favorite bookdealers. Like we don't spend enough time talking about books as it is.

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