Thursday, December 07, 2006


Another reader from the far side of the world

I heard last night from Antony, in Grevena, Greece, who says he's reading, and further endears himself to me by quoting Christopher Morley:

"He had the true passions of the book-lover, which are not allotted to many. He read hungrily, enjoying chiefly those magical draughts of prose which linger in the mind…. and he loved, above all, those writers who can present truth with a faint tang of acid flavour, the gooseberry jam of literature, as it were."

We do enjoy the bittersweet, in books, do we not? How happy I am to know that someone in Greece cares who Christopher Morley is. I'm pink with pleasure. Thanks, Antony.

An unrelated note - I am currently unable to post comments on my own blog. So Dan, and Cy, I'm not ignoring you, and in fact wish to respond, but my comments window simply will not open. I understand that others using blogger beta are also experiencing difficulties in this matter. Apologies to anyone who has tried to comment recently and has been unable to. I assume blogger is working frantically to correct this problem, while I sit here with my feet up, browsing a few new books, remaining sanguine.

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