Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Booksellers' tickets revisited yet again

Over a year ago I began this blog, and one of my earliest entries featured a few of my favorite booksellers' tickets (labels, marks, call them what you will, I've always known them as tickets so that is my fallback term). Little did I know that that post would cause me to meet other people who collect these little gems, and a year later, that I would have traded tickets with several folks around the globe. This is apropos of the package I received yesterday from Don in California, who has already supplied Greg with many many tickets, and Don saw fit to send me a batch of his duplicates, bless him. Here are a few I found particularly pleasing:

I now have packets of duplicates set aside to send a few other collectors. Thanks, Don - your largesse truly made my day yesterday (and continues to...). I sat around the shop for hours with a table covered with tickets of all shapes, sizes, colors, locales. Customers came in, the phone rang, books and cash changed hands, other things did happen, but it's mostly a blur, because all I wanted to do was organize these new tickets. Bliss.

After a year of blogging, I'd say that readers have found the blog and contacted me the most because of two passions of mine, which they (you) share: collecting these tickets, and admiring the writing of Christopher Morley. And these two pursuits share common characteristics, do they not - they are bookish, gentle, unique, often precious or fey or belles-lettrish (whatever the adjective is to describe Morley's unique blend of humor and highmindedness, and these tickets' quirkiness and tiny beauty). A close third is the topic of used bookshop-keeping, as in, How do you do it, and how can I do it too?? Be bookish, gentle, unique...

levinson's is pretty great! when are you gonna add yours to the compendium?
I have a mock-up all ready to go, I just can't find the dingbat I want to use... Soon, soon!
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