Friday, December 08, 2006


Hopelessly behind the times...

...and that's just how I like it. This thought is prompted by a look at the little page that blogger/google tacks on to my screen when I start a new blog entry - today's has a bit on it about the next new thing, videoblogging. Dear oh dear. This, I do not think I am capable of. In actuality, I want to return to the days of empty cans and string. Or even better, scratchy quill pens and foolscap. Anyhow, I realized this week that I've been blogging for over a year now, which must be at least ten years in web-time, so I'm feeling kind of with it. Despite the fact that (Oh how Strunk hated that phrase...) I do not carry a cellphone, don't have an ipod, have a rotary-dial phone at the bookshop, and have a fondness for metal type and vinyl records, I feel quite modern. Retro-modern.

A good week here at the shop - fairly busy, selling an interesting selection of books, hence refilling the coffers somewhat. Most folks seem to be buying books for themselves, rather than for gifts, a classic used bookshop problem. My pal Micah said that his family has hinted that they don't want any books this year from him. Ingrates!

I am literally hoping to be behind the Times this evening - after closing I'm going out to the local Borders (Yes, yes, I know) in search of the year's best reading issue of the TLS. It arrives in Maine around five days after publication. I'm thinking about holiday gift recommendations, and my own year's best books. More on those topics soon.


See Ze Frank's work, The Show. The best, strangest and most entertaining vblog on ice.
That would be:
How does one prounounce vblog? Vee-blog? Vvvblog? I'm afraid. I also don't think my dial-up connection will handle this well. Thanks, Ian - I know I can always count on you to keep me out of the stone age.
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