Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I must've been good this year

Santa sure brought me some great gifts (his elves shopped at Levenger and turned up a pair of Boston Athenaeum bookends). And a few days off were mighty welcome too, after working six days a week since Thanksgiving. Now I'm back in the shop, and the giving hasn't stopped - more booksellers' tickets arrived in the mail this morning and subsequently the day's work is out the window. Obsessions come first - that's the rule around here! Work, HA! A big thanks to Don in California for winging them my way. I do love those little tickets so. Don's also been sending me email updates about his systematic ransacking of Acres of Books in Long Beach, and I wish I was out there too, searching the shelves for sleepers (and for tickets).

As 2007 approaches, I'm pondering the year ahead and wondering what to do next. Writing this blog has been a lot of fun, and I've managed to do it and keep my other writing projects moving forward at the same time, so I'll continue. Besides the general goals of writing more, painting more, and minding the shop, I'm thinking that my specific number one priority right now is to restock shelves. I sold a lot of books this month (and last Saturday was a banner day - If only every day was like that...!) and some of the sections at the shop are woefully empty. In other words, let's go shopping - I know of one small library sale in early January, and two other winter madness sales in February, and I'm hoping for a few housecalls. I could also take a bit of my holiday sales money and order bookish remainders from Daedalus, and visit a few local bookshops where I can always find some good books with room for a healthy markup. I'm feeling optimistic because I actually have enough money to pay next month's bills and send in my sales tax (the past six months' worth), and even have something left over to buy more books with. It's dazzling. I won't let it go to my head, however - I'll be bargain-hunting all the way.

Congratulations on the upbeat holiday sales figures. Good also to read that you will be spreading the wealth around a little . . even if this includes the taxman.
Glad to see that you've done well this season and it's been a pleasure to read your blog. Definately one of my top ten things to look forward to in the new year:)
Thanks for commenting Cy, whenever I have any "extra" money whatsoever I want to go spend it on books... luckily for me, if I do spend it, the taxman won't take it from me, because it goes back into the business. So, I am rich. In books. But cash poor. Small problem with this business.

LT, thanks for reading - I always love hearing from you, and seeing your avatar on other bookish sites,'ve always got interesting things to say about all things bookish. I'm looking forward to the year ahead; I'm glad you are too.

I'm down in Portland, and stumbled upon your blog. I am glad to hear you'll be continuing with the blog, and I will definitely stop into your shop next time I'm in Bangor! Best of luck (and happy reading) in this new year...
Hope to see you in Bangor sometime - meanwhile I hope you are visiting Cunningham's for your bookish needs. Or Carlson & Turner... good books to be found in Portland, for sure.
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