Monday, December 04, 2006


Snow is falling today, white and quiet

This is the time of year when people around here joke about global warming being a hoax: today, the white stuff careening out of the sky at us, sideways, the painfully cold wind, and knowing we have months of this ahead. At the same time, everyone I know says, and I say too, "The winters aren't as bad as they used to be!" and we're right. I remember snow up to the eaves of my grammar school roof, and that hasn't happened around here in a long long time. To wit: last night I finally watched Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth and this morning I found myself angrily eyeing the local fleet of SUVs and monster trucks as I waited for the light to change at the downtown crosswalk near my shop. I myself share a small high-mileage vehicle with my husband, I walk to work, and after seeing this film, I plan on reducing my carbon output even further. Of course the used book business is a fine example of recycling, is it not...

Sandy is one of my dear pals. She's also one of my heroes. One of her goals at her forestry certification company is to have the logging/lumbering/forestry products business in Maine (and elsewhere) leave a ZERO carbon footprint in the woods. She is a true warrior. She takes action in the way Al Gore urges us all to take action, in his film. An aphorism appears at the end of the film - an African proverb, "When you pray, move your feet." Don't just wring your hands. Kind of funny to feel so fired up today, when it's this cold outside and the snow is flurrying with so much beauty. Makes me love this world even more than usual.

The Inconvenient Truth really is a fascinating film, but I'm still astounded by the reaction to it. Now an energy company in Scotland is paying for thousands of schoolchildren to see it. Read more at
Thanks for pointing out the article - always good to read about a forward-thinking CEO - and thanks for commenting.
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