Wednesday, December 20, 2006


What a week

Interesting folks coming in this week. Exhibit A: one fellow asked me, point-blank, after walking around for a while, silent, "How do you make a living?" I looked back at him, thought about a fitting reply, and after a long pause said, "How do you make a living?" He started a little, and said, "I'm a surgeon." I said, "Great! I'm a bookseller." We talked for a while about poverty. He left without buying any books. Exhibit B: a patchouli-drenched guy who browsed a long time, bought a few books, and left his scent behind for hours, in every nook and cranny of the shop. Exhibit C: a woman bought books but we were chatting at the checkout, and she forgot to give me her check and I forgot to ask her for it. She came back, bless her. That's enough customer stories - for the most part, they've been calm, patient, happy, and lots of good books have gone out the door this week. I tell people that a good rule of thumb is "Buy one for a gift, and one for yourself; one for a gift, two for yourself; one for a gift, three..."

So what does one buy the booklover, if not a book? Well, here's one of my birthday gifts from Ryan - a perfect choice! Thanks, dear! I had a great birthday - made a new painting, kept shop, and at the end of the day my neighbors brought me a cake with books on it (I wish I had taken a picture of it, but instead, we ate it). In the evening I went on a date with my husband - lobstah chowdah and Christmas-lights gazing by the ocean. Growing older isn't so bad. Back to the books.

What a wonderful gift from Ryan! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Sarah! We're close... mine is on the 23rd & I think it is usually a very festive time of year to have a birthday. You can always pretend the Christmas lights were put up for your birthday, you know.
Happy Birthday darlin'
Thanks, friends-in-books... I hope Santa is very good to you all this year (great big stockings full of first editions ok with everyone?).
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