Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Busier today

And feeling more sanguine. Even happy. Not least because of the first of today's entries from The Reader's Encyclopedia, which finely demonstrates the rule that it is always worth reading the fine print (though I feel as if I've broken several rules of grammar in this sentence, but I can't seem to identify them correctly so I can patch them up):

Quercus, P.E.G. A nom de plume used by Christopher Morley in his column The Bowling Green in The Saturday Review of Literature. It was taken from the Latin for "Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow" displayed in back of a quick-lunch-counter in Grand Central Station, New York City, which goes back to David Everett's Lines Written for a School Declamation. (p.899) (Have I mentioned that I admire Christopher Morley? I can't recall. Well, I can picture him and Benét having lunch at Grand Central and Morley jotting down the above.)

Quietism. A form of religious mysticism based on the doctrine that the essence of religion consists in the withdrawal of the soul from external objects and in fixing it upon the contemplation of God; especially that professed by the Spanish mystic Miguel Molinos (1640-1696), who taught the direct relationship between the soul and God. His followers were termed Molinists, or Quietists. (p.899)

Quivira. A mythical city of fabulous treasures, supposed to be located in the present state of Kansas. It was sought by Coronado and later explorers. Arthur Guiterman wrote a poem of that title, which describes Coronado's expedition. (p.901) (Another Norumbega! Per aspera ad astra!)

And here I was thinking there might not be much of interest in the Qs, with only five pages of them. Silly me.

I expect you enjoyed the short entry today. These have been a lot of fun to read; thanks for taking the time to share them.

Hi Dan - it was kind of a shock, to turn the page and see the end so soon. I'm used to reading for an hour or so in the morning, jotting notes down as I go for the blog (oops, typed BLOB and had to go back... actually I think I WILL start calling it the blob from now on) - glad you are enjoying some of my choices here. Really, if you see a used copy, it's worth picking up! A very friendly book, too, orangey-brown cloth cover, dull gilt lettering on front cover and spine, good binding so the book opens easily and is comfortable to read.
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