Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Blizzard of Love

That's what the local weather forecasters called yesterday's wild snowstorm. I stayed home and read books all day. Hard to say what we got here, finally - probably twelve or fourteen inches of the white stuff. The snowplow piles are much bigger than that. It was still snowing when I woke up this morning, but now it's sunny and fierce outside, gusty and very cold, and when I walked outside to come to the shop, I laughed out loud as I stepped out the door - I hadn't set foot outside since Tuesday and a large amount of snow is always so improbable and strange and beautiful. One day, nothing, next day, gigantic white piles everywhere, changing the landscape, buildings, trees. It makes me happy - because I don't have to travel far in it. If I did, different story, I'm sure. I hope others got to snuggle in with their sweethearts yesterday.

I'm here at the shop for a while today - I doubt I'll see any customers until tomorrow or Saturday, everyone's digging out, so I'm stretching and preparing new canvases until my hands are too tired to hold the staple gun anymore. I think I can hold out until three or four o'clock. Then on the way home I'll take a few photos of the dark blue shadows on the snow in the park. That's the news from here.

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