Friday, May 18, 2007


Nitpicky Friday, or, I Attempt to Clean Off My Desk

Shades of Eats, Shoots and Leaves? I see more and more typos across the board - more in my mail, in magazines and newspapers, email, online, on produce signs at the market (I can't help pointing these out to Ryan), even on an explanatory tag at a museum recently - and as I was griping about this ongoing phenomenon with friends, one confided that while he didn't care particularly about political correctness (perhaps because it's become so ingrained in our speech and writing by this point?), he was very concerned with grammatical correctness, and in fact he wished we could replace p.c. with g.c. G.C. Nice, I like it! Another pal of mine came by the shop last week and told me that one of his nicknames is Conan the Grammarian. He gets a bit testy about misplaced apostrophes and suchlike. I'm not annoyed, I just notice them. But I think fussy details are on my mind today because I've spent much of it dealing with the paper pile on my desk. Where does it all come from, and how can I get rid of it? Yes, I called the phone numbers to have my junk mail reduced. It's those little bits of paper I write notes on - important notes! - and then have to deal with later. And catalogues, bookish magazines, other ephemeral detritus. And, I must admit, it's the books. Take home? Price? Read? Browse in before shelving? I've had a few of these books here for weeks. Oh yeah, I haven't been here for weeks. Or so it seems. I'm still blowing my nose a lot (charming, I know), but I'm feeling better, more or less.

Copy editors get axed when classifieds do, Craigslist again gets fingered. And rightly also I think!

The Hood Company
Dear B, I wonder what your comment means. I think I know, and perhaps you are being facetious (it's always so hard to tell online without those little smiley faces). If not, remember: you catch more flies with good sentence structure.

Good comeback.
Thanks. Double smiley faces for you!


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