Monday, May 14, 2007


Spring? Is it spring?

There's something especially demoralizing about being sick in bed when the weather is grand and everything outside is burgeoning with health and beauty. The short version, for now: I had a terrific time in Cambridge and Boston last week, came home, and immediately came down with the flu. I spent the weekend in bed and on the couch (yesterday I watched golf on tv all day - it was the most calming, neutral thing available, and there's something so comforting about Phil Mickelson). I've surfaced this morning to check on things at the shop, get my mail, and water the poor plants before I grumpily totter back home in the heartless brilliant sunshine. Man, I hate being sick. My head hurts too much to read.

Isn't Phil a "dear". He is just so happy and mellow looking all the time. Unlike Tiger, who when he is doing poorly, scowls. I love Tiger too. Hey, I have screech owls.
click my picture. Go, look....
Sorry I have been so absent. I lost
your blog link. Just now found it.
Hope you feel better soon Sarah.
Sending get well hugs from Suffolk, England
Best wishes for a quick recovery. People do seem to be getting sicker- or staying sicker longer- than usual this year.

I'm looking to hearing details of your Boston visit.

Thanks for the good wishes - I haven't been really sick since this same time last year. Something in the air. Oh, how I wish it wasn't in the air.

I like to kid myself that my immune system is that of Wonder Woman's, because I live such a clean, green life. Then I am reminded: not so. Sigh.
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