Friday, June 15, 2007


Some days I seem to post to this blog...

...only when I'm going away. And it's happening again. I'll be away from Sunday the 17th until Monday the 24th. I'll be back with photos and paintings and news from the natural world. Imagine, I'm going somewhere where - hold on to your hats - there is next to no chance I'll be able to buy any books at all (shocking, I know).

Meanwhile, check in at bookseller Will's new blog, Hang Fire Books. He writes about, well, books. And book-hunting adventures in the big city (I'd really never heard of stoop sales before, I feel like such a bumpkin - wait, I am a bumpkin!). His blog has lots and lots of pictures of stacks and stacks of books. Always a pleasure to look at. And while zines, zombies, and pulps aren't my specialty, I'm enjoying the vicarious thrill.

Have a great week, dear readers. I'm following my own advice, and I hope you can too: it's almost summer! Get outside if you possibly can!

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your blog! Can you help me find a schedule of Mary Oliver's readings? I deeply want to find one, but have not succeeded! I'm happy to travel about the Northeast to find one. Sincerely, Stu Summer,
Hi Sarah,
Hope you have fun this week. I am finally home after a week on the road and a few days helping my mom garden. It is lovely reading and gardening, a perfect combination of thought and exercise (especially pleasant because she lives in the country so there is no one nearby). I finished 'Master and Commander' and gave it to my brother (I liked it and will look for the rest). I stole mom's Dickens bio and am reading it first. She is a slower reader and is reading a couple of other books now. I am so glad I got to see your store and meet you. The store is as charming as your pictures of it and meeting you was so much fun (you are as charming, sorry to overuse that word, but it fits, as your blog). We had lobster on the river and really enjoyed it. I don't want this to be too long but I wanted to tell you how much fun it was to talk books with someone besides my family. It is so rare I am afraid I rather ran on a bit. Hope I can stop in again someday.
Jodi, I loved visiting with you and I felt like I was the one running on and on! But then, you already knew how much I love books... anyway, it was great to meet you and I'm so glad you made it here in person. Your mother is an intrepid traveler, too... Don't forget, the second book (next after "Master & Commander") is the author's homage to Jane Austen. It takes place mostly on land and has ladies and fewer sea battles. It's when the series really starts to sing, I think.

I don't mind being charming. Thanks very much... Even though I have always wanted to be *droll* instead. Someone else recently called me sweet. Ugh.

Thanks for your comment, Stu - I think Mary Oliver does very few readings, that's why I was so excited to go see her last fall. I'd contact her primary publisher, Beacon Press in Boston, and see what they say. In lieu of live readings, they do publish a great cd of her reading her own work, called "At Blackwater Pond." It came out last spring. Good luck - and a bit of advice - if you do learn of a reading she's doing, drive all night to get there, do whatever it takes, it will be worth it.
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